Canine Contestant #4 JACK



Jack is a Rhodesian Ridgeback living in New Hampshire. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a breed that was developed in South Africa to hunt lions. The dog has a ridge of hair that runs down the center of its back and grows in the opposite direction of the dog’s coat. Jack was an apartment dweller until his original family realized he needed a lot more room to run than they could give him. Though he had to leave a good friend behind (a miniature schnauzer) Jack went to live in New Hampshire with his new family. It was tough on him at first, but now he protects and plays with the members of his new family, and is a running partner to the lady of the house.

Tell us what you think of Jack!  The Winner of the Cutest Dog Contest will be chosen March 15, 2013 and will receive a FREE DOGGY TOY!

Photo submitted by Anna Thorburn, Claremont, NH



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